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Where in the World are We?


With the help of Globalstar, their SPOT GPS and Trace devices, 3x2 Free-Fall will be able to update its location and places traveled. Click on the map below of our planned route to see where 3x2 Free-Fall has been and how well we're following the plan! (After clicking, the GPS points may take a minute to load, please be patient!)

Using a SPOT Shared Page, 3x2 Free-Fall can be tracked in near real time. The Trace and SPOT devices are set to transmit 3x2's location every 5 minutes, meaning you can see our exact location every 5 minutes! Due to security reasons we have password protected the real time map, however if you send an email to or a Facebook message to the password will be forwarded as soon as possible. Once the password is obtained, click the Globalstar logo below to see where 3x2 Free-Fall is!  

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