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What Exactly is 3x2?

A few years ago, while traveling around Southeast Asia on scooters, an idea was born. What if we rode motorcycles from Europe to Australia? Since then we've been planning and working out the logistics to make this odyssey a reality. Fast forward two years: The planning is completed, and now we're proud to unveil our trip -- 3x2: Free-Falling Across Eurasia! 3 Friends by 2 Wheels. And the Free-Falling? Well, that's where things get a bit more interesting. We've purchased a QUICKjump from Head Rush Technologies and are excited to set up this innovative product around the world. This device is essentially a modified bungee jump that allows the user to experience the sensation of free-falling with the security of a magnetic braking system. We will be using our University of Colorado Boulder mechanical engineering degrees to rig these up in crazy places along the way. Our three-way technical education, countless personal jumps and contagious enthusiasm afford us the expertise and confidence needed to assemble and demonstrate these outdoor rigs in unique locations around the globe. 



Let's Meet the Enginerds

Michael Stevenson aka Monkey Butt​​

Aren't you wondering why Michael has such an absurd nickname? In addition to growing up on Bainbridge Island, WA, with his family's pet monkey Rafiki, Michael's dance moves are almost identical to those of Lanky Kong. Sad but true. Michael is one of the most headstrong humans on earth, and therefore the best way to get him to do something is to tell him he can't. He's not prone to be intimidated by much ... including the bees to which he is deathly allergic. However if you do want a little scream out of him, throw a few itsy-bitsy spiders in his direction and watch that 6'4" frame rapidly reduce into a flustered bundle.

James Kohnen aka Snowflake

Hailing from Fort Collins, CO, James is a mountain man from the get-go -- sans the long scraggly beard. James is a gentle giant -- from his large heart to his absolutely ginormous hands. His perfect day? Skiing in waist-deep pow down to a little yurt full of 15 puppies and copious amounts of ramen. The fact that James is so incredibly athletic is contradictory to the second fact that his food pyramid consists primarily of candy and two-step meals. If you were ever to find yourself dangling off a cliff's edge, you would definitely want James's cool, calm and collected demeanor by your side.

Graham Risch aka Seabreeze

Graham is a ray of golden sunshine. This is most apparent when his distinct laugh is juxtaposed against Michael's deep baritone. Unlike James, Graham's body hair is abundant ... from his bushy mustache to his fuzzy rear end. Having been born in Japan and raised in Georgia, he is equally gifted with a rice cooker and the crypt walk. Graham is in his element when surfing waves anywhere he can find them -- from Indonesia to Canada. You can also find him perfecting the foam of a frothy cappaccino or taking artsy photos on his ghetto plastic tripod. Once determined, nothing will stop Graham, except the occassional college drinking game.


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