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Meet three adventurous, driven and -- most importantly -- fun-loving friends preparing to embark on the trip of a lifetime ... a seven-month motorcycle trip from Amsterdam to Indonesia. All of us are passionate about the environment and outdoor sports. We're avid bikers, skiers, snowboarders, climbers, hikers and much more. In addition, we're self-professed enginerds. So during this 20,000-mile journey, we're excited to use our engineering skill sets and intuition to MacGyver up the repairs and maintanence of the motorcycles we'll be riding. Think of this as a merger of three good-natured guys with engineering knowledge, outdoor activity proficiency, insatiable curiosity and fully-ignited desires to grow ... all of which we believe provide us with a powerful foundation to succeed throughout our multi-facted trip. Ready for more info? Watch our video and click About!        


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